R&W CONCRETE CONTRACTORS carries both an 'A' (Engineering) license and 'B' (Building) license, and specializes in large heavy civil structural concrete in various capacities. Types of projects include Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Plants, Ground Water Storage, Reservoirs, Dams, Bridges and many different and unique types of Buildings. R&W also performs large concrete paving at Airports and other facilities, and does architectural site work.

In addition to performing various types of concrete work, R&W often times works on the engineering and design side of many of the structures it builds, including formwork design and placement planning.

Other services R&W can perform are crack injection, including epoxy injection, and various types of work related to the concrete scope of work, such as excavation, grading, re -bar and other tasks.

With over 40 years of experience, R&W Concrete is proud to have been a part of so many high profile and large projects, and looks forward to many more.